Femme Conference 2010: No Restrictions!

Steering Committee Welcome Letter

February 10, 2010


Dear New Steering Committee Chair/Co-chair:


Welcome to the Femme Conference 2010 Steering Committee! As a chair, your work is invaluable to the femme community. Your time, energy, hard work, and passion will make the 2010 Femme Conference a powerful experience for participants. Thank you for volunteering!


As a steering committee chair/co-chair your duties will include:

  • A time commitment of 5-15 hours per week
  • A pledge of financial responsibility for the conference, including donating or fundraising (give or get) $100 (less if needed)
  • Attending weekly conference calls, which occur on Wednesday evenings, 9pmEST/8pm CST/6pmPST
  • Joining the steering committee listserv, keeping up with emails, responding if needed within a 48 hour timeframe
  • Coordinating communication between the Steering Committee and your committee members
  • Bringing agenda items to conference calls from your committee
  • Delegating and following up on committee tasks, reporting on progress to the steering committee through email or conference calls
  • Providing a weekly written report to the steering committee
  • Being fierce and making this the best Femme Conference yet!


The steering committee is a group of femme identified people who volunteer their time, energy, passion, and skills to create this conference. We are invested not only in the work of making the conference a reality, but more importantly in building femme community with each other. To that end, communication between committee members is of utmost importance and our relationships with each other are the foundation for the powerful change-making possibilities of the conference itself. Disrupting the toxic impact intersecting oppressions begins with the shiny, radical and revolutionary loving kindness of fierce femme friendships.


What that means is we value transparency, openness, respecting each other’s voices, not shit-talking, working through, and moving towards. We see the process of creating the conference as just as valuable as the outcome of the conference itself.


As part of our investment in the longevity of the Femme conference we are attempting this year to have “femme-tors” for new chairs coming onto the steering committee. Your “femme-tor” will be ______ and she will be contacting you within the week to check in and see if you have any questions about your chair position. We want to “pass on” the knowledge base and skill set we have built so that the Femme Conference lives on through itself, not through specific people.


Welcome and thank you from the bottom of our sequined hearts for volunteering to make this conference happen!


Femme love,

Femme Conference 2010 Steering Committee